31/08/2016 (Day 80: Exhausted From Overtime)

So today at work, I offered to do some overtime to try and help out with a few things that needed to get done that didn’t get done during the work hours. Now normally I don’t get the opportunity to do overtime simply because I am not always confident to step and take the offers of overtime, as I have always believed that there is someone better than me who can a better job than me. Although, this time it was offered to whoever wanted to do overtime and I decided that for once I would have the confidence to step up and do overtime because no one else offered to. I really enjoyed doing the overtime, but it meant that the shift I completed at work was 10 hours, which I am definitely am not used to doing. What this meant was when I got home, I almost collapsed in a heap on the ground from exhaustion because I had pretty much put my heart and soul into today. The reason why I wanted to do this is because recently I have been starting to doubt myself and have lost of my confidence. I am so glad I pushed that little bit harder, as it meant that I saw an improvement in results, but a deterioration in my energy levels.

So overall, I am glad work went well today. Sadly, I haven’t had chance to do anything else simply because once I got home, I got something to eat and have been trying to recuperate the lost energy levels. Although, what the next couple of ways will be a test of my stamina and my pure willpower to not my injuries, which are related to being really tired affect me.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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