29/08/2016 (Day 78: My First Roadshow Rodeo)

So today, the only major thing that I did today was help out with a Hospital Radio Roadshow at a fete that was going on near me. What a fete is for those who perhaps haven’t heard of them, a fete is a community event where charities host event stalls to raise money for local charities. So on Thursday, the station manager asked me if I wanted to help out with the tech side and setting up of the Roadshow, which is a public appearance by the charity to help raise money for the charity. The things that I helped out with was with the initial setup, which required the set up of a stage area as well as the speakers and the mixing desk. Also, throughout the entire length of the fete, I also helped out with playlist organisation and choosing songs that were of a Summer theme, as of course playing Christmas songs in August is of course way too early. Although, there were a couple of mentions of Christmas during the fete, which made me cringe and reminded me of the fact that I have been buying Christmas presents since July. Overall, this went quite well and I am looking forward to maybe doing more roadshows in the future.

I mention Christmas and the fact that I have been buying Christmas presents this early and I will explain why I have been buying presents in August. My problem with the Christmas period is that most of the time I don’t know what to buy family members for Christmas and some years I have left it until Christmas Eve and I start to panic. However, I decided that this year, now I have a job and I have the finance to do so that I would start buying now to potentially avoid the price increases closer to the time. It also the guarantee of getting my family exactly what they want rather than having to settle for getting something which is close but not what they want. Hopefully now I don’t sound crazy for saying that I have been buying Christmas presents in August.

In terms of updating the progress of reviews, the review that is penned to be published on Saturday is now very close to completion, even though the review after is already done. What happened was I had an RPG planned for this Saturday’s review, however due to how busy I have been recently I haven’t either had the time or the energy to motivate myself to dedicate a lot of spare time to reviews. I am hoping to have 2 reviews done per week, which means that I can get a week ahead per week of writing reviews. What this will mean is that my schedule of reviews, which in terms of publication date should last me until March 2017 would be potentially completed by December. The main reason why I want to get this far ahead is because it will allow me to try and play some games that I haven’t played before. The problem is that currently with how little I am ahead of the review schedule, if I start playing other games I may run into a issue where I am playing lots of new games and now worrying about the games that would need to played for reviews.

Overall, today has been a great day where I helped out Hospital Radio and gained some experience in a new area of music technology. I also hope that you liked the new aspects of the blog, which is me now speaking about exactly what is happening but more updates on what I am planning, as it means that blogs won’t be short anymore.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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