27/08/2016 (Day 76: Creative Zelda: A Link To The Perler)

So this afternoon, I decided to play some Aberoth as I hadn’t played it for a little while and I have noticed that the game has started to annoy me because I have been grinding for a while with little to no progress. I feel like that I starting to lose interest in it as the progression feels like every other MMO to the point where I feel that the progress I made is nothing because I can’t do any of the quests. Also, the enemies that I have been facing are not giving any experience now, which is making the game feel monotonous and now quite boring. Some of the achievements in the game require me to spend money in the game, which is also another deterrent.

After that, I streamed some Zelda: A Link To The Past to begin my 200 Twitch follower special. Speaking of Twitch, I also now have a link on my website now which links directly to my Twitch channel, therefore allowing you to visit the page if you don’t already. But anyways, I have never played a single Zelda game before from start to finish and I really wanted to fix that with the game that everyone really likes. I really have enjoyed so far and reached the boss of the second dungeon, however I have found the game harder than I was expecting it to be. I don’t mind difficult games as I am a Lester The Unlikely speedrunner and that game isn’t easy, but it might just be because I haven’t played a game like Zelda before. I think it might take some time to adapt to the mechanics a little bit more, but the game is really good and I can see why the game is adored and considered to be one of the best SNES games of all time.

And finally, after stream I decided to raid a streamer that I recently found and find to be one of the most laid back streamers I follow, and her Twitch name is Tashnarr. The story of how I found Tashnarr is quite interesting. Somedays I have moods where I have an interest in checking out what streams people I follow are hosting and Tashnarr was one that a friend hosted about 6 weeks ago. When I saw she was a creative streamer, I was definitely interested in checking out her channel because I am quite the fan of creative channels. After about an hour of watching her channel, I had to follow because she is such a likeable person and really cares about the channel and her audience.

Tashnarr (or Natasha) is predominantly a creative streamer and makes quite a lot of perlers in differing styles. The main type of perlers she makes are video game perlers and the quality of them are absolutely outstanding. She takes a lot of time to make sure that the perlers are of the highest possible quality, but perhaps the best aspects of her stream is how laid back she is and also the fact that she doesn’t curse very often. I watch quite a lot of streamers who curse somewhat and I like them, but I also like streamers who don’t swear as much and Natasha is one who doesn’t swear much at all. I find her channel a great place to go, chill out and relax whilst she makes some awesome crafts.

Overall, I think today was quite a good day where I found out one of the games I enjoyed sadly isn’t as fun anymore. However, I had an awesome stream and was able to relax straight after in Tashnarr’s stream. If you don’t know follow Tashnarr, I would recommend you check out her stream on Twitch because you won’t regret the follow.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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