26/08/2016 (Day 75: Back To Work)

So today I went back to work after missing work yesterday due to suffering from heat exhaustion. I can safely say that now I am fully recovered and am back to my normal self, which is a huge plus as it means that I am now more motivated to get some reviews done. Heat exhaustion is something that prior to this week I hadn’t suffered from or even had known about. I had known and heard of heatstroke as there were a quite a few news articles about it throughout the past few summers due to humidity, but heat exhaustion is something that I learned about this week. At least I now know to not overwork myself because I don’t want to ever experience heat exhaustion again because it isn’t fun and it made me feel extremely drained of energy and unmotivated. However, I don’t think I will have any more problem because it is close to the end of summer and the cooler Autumn months are nearly here.I will be honest and say I personally really dislike the summer months because I am not a big fan of hot weather simply due to the fact that I quite enjoy being cold.

Overall, I am glad to be back at work because I am sad I had to take a day off. This weekend is a 3 day weekend due to Bank Holiday Monday, which means I will have an extra day to write reviews and hopefully get a massive lead on reviews, allowing me to play the games needed for the Halloween reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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