24/08/2016 (Day 73: Feeling Very Unwell)

So today I ended up getting sent home from work about 2 hours into my shift because my heat exhaustion that I was suffering from yesterday ended up getting much worse. I ended up having a pounding headache, which made me feel very dizzy and nauseous. Then, after my legs kept going weak, I decided to speak to my boss about what I should do and told me to go home.

As soon as I home, I went straight to my room and pretty much spent went straight to bed to try and get some rest. However, I got the opportunity to finalise and confirm the release date of the Lester The Unlikely review and so got to work on another review. I also sorted out the review schedule pretty up to the beginning of March 2017. The reason why I have planned so far ahead is because then I will know what games need to be played if necessary, but also the opportunity to play some new games without worrying about what review games are next. The only games I still need to do some research for is for the Halloween games and also the Christmas themed games. However, it does feel weird researching Christmas and Halloween games at the end of August, but I want to be as well prepared as possible for this reviews.

Overall, I didn’t do anything else today because of the fact that I still feel very unwell currently. At the moment, I am hoping that I feel better soon because I really dislike being unwell. I am glad that the review schedule is mostly sorted, but the next stage is to write the reviews which of course will be the time consuming part.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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