20/08/2016 (Day 69: New Remix And Review Are Done)

So today began by me finally deciding to sit down and finish a review that has been holding me back in terms of making progress through my review schedule and I finished the Lester The Unlikely review, well most of it. The only thing I need to finish for the review is the section where I discuss the game’s music and then make a conclusion. I don’t know why this particular review has caused me so much problem because the main issue I had was that I couldn’t decide what side to review it from, the speedrunning side or the casual side. I decided today to look at the game from both perspectives to create a view that saw the positives of the speedrun route and how it positively affects the game, but also criticise the game from the casual perspective, therefore creating a full rounded review where neither side of the argument had preference. I am glad that this review is finally done so that I can start working on some future reviews because I want to rebuild the back catalogue of reviews, which then allows me to try out some new games that could become potential reviews.

Speaking of trying out some new games and new systems, I decided that I would check a few Atari Jaguar games because I have recently been listening to an awesome podcast called the Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast. All the games that I tried out today were games that I had heard about from this podcast and the games were Tempest 2000 and Doom. Doom sadly didn’t work, which was a shame because I was interested to see what the differences were between the classic PC version and the Jaguar version. I however was able to play some Tempest 2000 and my word that game is such a blast to play. I definitely think if I get chance to play the game some more then it could be my Jaguar review because it is considered to be one of the best games of that console generation because of how unique the gameplay was. I won’t say too much more about the game because I would rather leave those details to the potential review I might write about the game.

The other major thing that happened today was that I finished and published my 3rd Birgirpall remix and it got much more positive feedback compared to my previous remix. The major difference between this remix and the previous remix was the fact that I concentrated on the structure of the remix much more because the previous remix literally had no structure, which affected the quality negatively. So I went into this remix thinking of structure and making sure that there were some unique aspects, such as shortening the length of samples for some bars, then letting the sample play all the way through on other occasions. What this meant was that I could be as creative as possible with matching samples together and seeing came of them. The other thing I did was use some synth lines from a song I composed before, which helped make the remix perhaps the best one I have made I think.

Overall, today has been a productive day where I managed to get quite a lot of different things done and I managed to get my head around a couple of issues I had. I hope I can be this productive tomorrow and build the backlog of reviews up and also write a couple of RPGs reviews at some point.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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