19/08/2016 (Day 68: The Remix Is On)

So today at work went perfectly, which I am really proud of because it was the first working day where I didn’t make any mistakes. However, the last couple of days have been tiring because of the fact that I averaged 15 miles per day, which is 24 kilometres per day. The reason why it was so tiring was because of the fact that I covered this entire distance with an injured ankle. The weird thing was as the day went on, the pain in my ankle started to reduce, which I wasn’t expected as normally when I have a pain, it gets worse as the day progresses and when the opposite happened today, I was surprised. I am glad that work is getting even better and I seem to have found my feet and I now feel even more comfortable than I have felt at work.

Once I got home from work after doing some shopping, I decided that I wanted to do some work on a remix for the Youtubers that I have done some remixes for before. I started out by making sure that I had a good variety of different sounds both from new recordings and extracting some samples from old recordings. The main reason why I am using some old recordings is simply because I feel more confident in finding new samples to extract, as well as making them fit within the tempo.

I was also able to start work on the actual remix itself as it is because I have been trying some different techniques in terms of the structure of the composition. For example, I make sure that audio samples work well within the tempo, as well as alongside a drum beat. The reason why I make sure that the drum beat fits well with the sample is because previously, I have had mismatch issues with samples and drum beats before, therefore meaning that the sample is rendered unusable. I think I will work on this quite a bit more this weekend as I want to make sure I put as much time into making it and make sure that the track isn’t rushed like the last remix.

Overall, today has been a fantastic day where everything has gone my way. Work has been amazing and the remix is progressing nicely. I also hope that I can work on some reviews this weekend as I am somewhat behind on where I wanted to be due to work and fatigue.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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