17/08/2016 (Day 66: Remix Work and Review Progress)

So today after doing some overtime at work, I decided that I needed to brainstorm some new ideas for the remix because I haven’t been able to work on it for a few days, and progress is currently quite slow. My problem is that I am struggling to find the right sound clips and the right tempo for what I am looking for, even though I am using audio from the previous 2 remixes I did. However, I am making sure that I am not sound clips that I used in the previous remixes because I am not a fan of recycling and reused my old material for new tracks. Potentially in the future if I do a mashup or a megamix of all of my remixes, then I would reuse the sounds because of course the sounds would be from the previous remixes. I think at the moment I am not going to rush the remix simply because it is what meant that my second remix wasn’t as polished or as strong of a follow up as I wanted, but it was a lesson that I can still produce good quality under pressure, however not the high level quality I strive for.

The other major breakthrough today was the fact I finally have decided what approach to take towards my Lester The Unlikely review, which had been stalling on for quite a while. So I decided that the best approach is to take both a speedrunning and a non-speedrunning perspective because then I can say what I like about the game from the two perspective, whilst saying what I dislike from the non-speedrunning perspective.

Overall, today was a day of developing some new ideas and also solving some other things that needed addressing. I hope I can continue this into the coming days and hopefully start the composition stage of the remix and finish the Lester The Unlikely review.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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