15/08/2016 (Day 64: Update On The Remix)

So today, not too much has actually happened because after work, I ended up not feeling too well and got a pounding headache. I think the humidity throughout the day has caused because I get quite bad headaches when the humidity rises and sometimes it makes my eyes hurt a little bit.

But anyways, I have some updates regarding the remix I started working on last night. I decided that I want the remix to have a lot more samples than the previous remixes because sometimes I worry about the remixes not having enough variety and potentially could end up sounding repetitive. So what I have decided to do was to take all the audio I have for this remix and the previous two remixes and see what other sound clips I could extract from the recording. The main reason why I am not reusing sound clips from previous remixes is simply because I would prefer to not recycle sounds from previous tracks, as I feel it could come across as unoriginal. So far, I have found quite a few new sounds because I am being more alert to potential sound clips that would fit very well with the tempo. I think that this remix I will be spending quite a lot longer because I want to make sure that the quality is much higher and hopefully the length of the remix will be much longer. The reason why I want to take more time making this remix is simply because the previous remixes I made in about 3-5 hours and I feel that more time will allow me to do more edits. The editing will also take quite a while, as I have roughly 25 minutes of audio to edit and I think that personally if I take more time to make the remixes, then I can also work on good musical structure.

Overall, I think that the remix will be my main project this week, as well as maybe 1 or 2 reviews. I am happy that I will be able to make a third remix because I really enjoy making the remixes, but I need to make sure I don’t burn out musically by just making remixes of sound effects.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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