14/08/2016 (Day 63: 200 Twitch Followers and New Remix)

I started today off by  streaming on RetroGamingLiveTV for 3 hours, where I played Kid Chameleon on stream. I went into the stream not expecting to actually get too far into the game as it is a game that I have had some trouble getting far into because the controls at times are sometimes quite slippery, especially when the player sprints. However, on the first attempt I managed to get about half way through the game before I got game over, which for me was quite impressive. The second time I got further simply because I took a different level route, which I found to be somewhat easier, but I still got game over. On the third time, I decided to use a shortcut in the game, which meant I could reach the final stage in 2 stages, which the speedrun uses. Upon reaching the final level, I wasn’t expecting to beat the final boss, but on my second attempts, I managed to do it with relative ease and comfort.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 19.42.45.png

Whilst I was streaming on RGL, I noticed that quite a few people had followed me on my personal Twitch page. When I started the RGL stream, I was on 193 followers and went into the stream not expecting to pick up many new follows because there had been some stream issues, which meant that the size of the audience had dropped. However, by the end of the stream I was at 199 followers and I was thinking that getting that 200th Twitch follower could end up being illusive and never happen. But, earlier on this evening, I checked my email to see who was was live on Twitch because I get email notifications, when I noticed that someone had followed me on Twitch. I suddenly got quite excited and noticed the image above and I felt a huge sense of elation because I wasn’t expecting to hit 200 followers until the end of the year. But, I want to thank everyone who has followed me on Twitch the last year and a bit that I have been streaming, as without the followers and the viewers of the channel, I wouldn’t be at all motivated to continue streaming and to watch my channel grow more and more.

The last thing that happened was that I will be doing a third remix for the Youtubers I have made remixes for in the past. The concept for it began after one of the players on the stream was having some internet issues, which made him sound like a robot. I decided then to see if I could get enough audio clips to make a remix using only the robot like voice samples, which turned out I wouldn’t have enough, so I decided it would be another normal remix. The most important thing I need to do with this remix to take my time a lot more because the last remix wasn’t as good, due to how little time I had to do it and also how unwell I was when I made it. So what I am doing is not setting a specific date that I want the remix to be finished by because it will allow me to find the best audio samples required for the remix and also to give more creative freedom to experiment with new ideas.

So overall, today was an amazing where I hit a major milestone in my streaming career. The next step to decide what game I want to play for my 200 follower special, which I have a few ideas for, but I want to give it more thought before deciding. Also, I am determined to make this third remix even better than the previous one, which at the rate I am making remixes, I could have an entire EP worth of remixes by the end of the year.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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