13/08/2016 (Day 62: Streaming, Football and Reviews)

So today I started off by finishing off a review for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, which I am really happy about because I was falling behind in where I wanted to be in my review schedule. The review I finished today will be one of the most negative reviews I have written so far because the game is so broken that I had to review it. I won’t reveal what game it is because I would rather unveil it upon publication because otherwise it would affect the aura of mystery. But I am glad to be getting back on track because there are quite a few games I need to play through before I can write my Halloween reviews.

The next thing I did today was I travelled to Hospital Radio to help out with the football commentary. Now, to clarify I don’t actually do the commentating on the football matches, but I in fact do some audio editing in terms of individual goals scored and interviews post game. So, what I do is whilst the commentators are commentating and whenever a goal is scored, I take the audio and edit it so that it has the commentary only for the goal or interview. This allows me to work on my audio editing and improve and learn some new skills.

The final thing I did today was stream for a little while and I played Lester The Unlikely. It started off quite slowly because I had got somewhat rusty at the game and I managed to eventually break off the rust. However, the 4th run I did on stream ended up beating my personal best, which ended up being a sub 24 minute time and exceeded my expectations for the stream, as I my initial target was to try and get a sub 25 minute run. I am so glad that I managed a better time because I do want to eventually get a sub 20 run, but it will take some time.

Overall, today was a productive day and was also a very busy day, where there wasn’t much downtime. I am quite glad that I was able to finish a review, as well as improve my personal best in Lester The Unlikely.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.


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