12/08/2016 (Day 61: Streaming and Stress Relief)

I am so glad that it is now the weekend because this week at work has been very difficult, stressful, but also a huge learning curve for me. The thing that I have learnt this week is that if I am put under the knife and put under pressure and the stress levels start to rise to fever pitch levels, then I know I can maintain a level head and just continue to work as hard as I can. Yes the stress levels started to affect me mentality and made me feel somewhat unwell, but I managed to keep it together when the going was at its worst, which for me has also shown that I have matured a lot in recent months. I think this week I have actually surprised myself that I have handled the stressful situations because in the past, I handled stress poorly. All I need to do next week is work as hard as I can and continue to prove to myself that yes I can do this.

I also did some streaming today of Lester The Unlikely in an attempt to try and beat my personal best, which sadly didn’t happen as I forgot most of the route. However, the most important thing that came from the stream was the fact that I beat some of my personal best segments, which is helping me to raise the potential skill ceiling I could reach. I also decided during the stream what approach I will take to the Lester The Unlikely review I have had some issues writing, which has delayed the whole review writing process and that is to be critical, but some speak about the speedrunning positives. I think this so far has been the only game that has had me so torn in terms of how to review it. Normally, I play a game and I know after beating the game what I think of the game, but Lester The Unlikely is a weird one because if I was overly critical then the game would be negatively reviewed, which I haven’t done for a game I speedrun.

Overall, I am glad that the weekend is here, so I can stream on RetroGamingLiveTV this Sunday and I can help with the Hospital Radio Soccer coverage of my local team, which I am 2nd editor of highlights.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



One thought on “12/08/2016 (Day 61: Streaming and Stress Relief)

  1. glad to hear that you can continue to work hard even under intense stress, but I hope that as you continue at this new position, the stress affects you less, because I understand that it must not feel good


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