11/08/2016 (Day 60: Goat Simulator Is Amazing)

So after work today, I decided that I would check out what games were on sale because I had received an email from Steam saying that something on my wishlist was on sale. The game that was on sale was Goat Simulator and it was 75%, which is quite a reduction in price considering I have seen it be on average about 50% off. So seeing it be 75% off was quite the reduction and meant it was about $2 instead of $10.

So Goat Simulator ended up being a great purchase because even though I have seen the game quite a bit, I found the game to still be an amazing game to play. The thing that was most impressive about the game is the fact I am still finding awesome things to do in the game that I haven’t seen before. Even doing things that I have seen before is still as hilarious as the first time I saw it because there is a quite a difference between seeing the game and then playing the game. The interesting thing is that I am not used to playing games that are intentionally made in such a way that glitches are meant to be funny, as a speedrunner I am used to glitches meaning that the games has speedrun potential. I think overall, the game is a huge amount of fun and a absolute blast to play because of the mechanics.

Overall, today was very quiet as I was extremely tired after work and wanted to relax. I have decided that tomorrow I will work on some other reviews then Lester The Unlikely because I am still torn on the game.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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