10/08/2016 (Day 59: We Broke Lester 2: The Unlikely Break)

So after another great day at work, I came home and decided that I should really practice some Lester The Unlikely, but I found out that there was a new glitch found in the game, which skips an entire boss. I have practiced this skip and found that I could actually do it somewhat consistently, which considering how few attempts I put into it is quite surprising. I think that at the moment, Lester The Unlikely is becoming a game that will be fascinating to be a part of the speedrunning community simply because more people joined the community, me being one of them. What has seemed to happen is because of this heightened interest in the game because of an upcoming tournament it has encouraged the whole community to investigate new ways of breaking the game. I am hoping that I can continue to get better at the game and get a decent and competitive time.

Apart from that, I actually played some Drawful 2 with a friend of mine on stream. I don’t know why but whenever I see someone who I follow on Twitch play anything on Jackbox, I instantly join because I find the game something to laugh at because of the wide variety of games that are on offer from Jackbox. My personal favourite game is currently Earwax because the game gives you a situations and 6 sound effects, where the player has to pick based upon their preference what sounds best show the situation best. The player who is judging it then picks the best combination of sounds, which means a selection could have been liked 4 or 5 times, but the judge could decide that something else is better. I just think that Jackbox is just a great way to play games with friends without too much organisation required because at any time, a friend can simply put aside 20 minutes for a quick game.

Overall, today has been enjoyable and fun. I do think my positive work and the positivity also occurring in my daily life is making me feel more confident in all I do. Although, the review I was writing I would hold back on because it was of Lester The Unlikely and I think a review further down the line after some more speedrunning of the game would be beneficial.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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