09/08/2016 (Day 58: Hospital Radio and First Day In Promoted Work Role)

So today was quite a busy day where I spent no time at home because I went from work to Hospital Radio and I got home 3o minutes before I started writing this. So my first day in my newly promoted role at work went extremely well and I settled into the role very quickly. I went to work feeling quite nervous about the new role as I was worried that I wouldn’t settle in effectively enough and would also struggle potentially with stress. However, none of the aforementioned happened and my work colleagues and even my boss said I did very well and got a lot of work done. This for me is another confidence boost that I can continue to add to my already rising confidence and it is also helping my self belief that I can do anything I want.

The only other thing I did today was go to Hospital Radio, which I used to do every Tuesday before I ran into personal issues, but recently I have returned permanently. On top of doing the Tuesday request shows, I will now be doing editing for my local soccer team coverage on Hospital Radio, which I am really looking forward to doing because it can enhance my editing skills. My editing skills are pretty decent, but what this will give is that much needed boost and also editing in a different way.

So overall, not too much happening today but still everything that did happen was a major positive for me. In terms of reviews, I hope to get back to writing some tomorrow after work because I still haven’t been able to continue one review because of how split I am over the game. I think I need to decide my stance on the game and write the review based upon this stance.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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