07/08/2016 (Day 56: A Day Of Gaming)

So today I decided to play quite a few different games because I felt so much better today after some rest. The first thing I decided to do was play something that I hadn’t played yet, which was a free to play game called Toribash. The game was moderately intriguing because the player controls each of a fighter’s limbs and is a 1v1 fighting game. However, the controls were too confusing for me to understand and when I clicked on a mod, the game decided to skip the entirety of the tutorial. The worst thing about this was that I couldn’t reload the tutorial and meant I couldn’t actually play the game, which was a shame as the game seemed potentially quite a interesting game to try out.

The second game I decided to play after not playing for a few weeks was Euro Truck Simulator. I picked the game up a couple of months ago after I saw the game for about 75% off in the Steam sale and also I received an email from Steam after I added the game to my wishlist about 6 months ago. For the price I paid for the game, which was £1.50/$2 I have played the game for about 20 hours and I find the game quite enjoyable and also somewhat relaxing for some reason. I am not sure why I find the game so relaxing but I think it might be because the game is mostly driving and I do concentrate, but I don’t need too as much as other games. I also think the feeling of driving in this game makes this game really enjoyable, simple to play and just overall very relaxing. However, it isn’t the sort of relaxing that would send me to sleep, but more of a zen feeling where all my worries and stresses go away.

The final game I played some of today was some more Aberoth. The thing I concentrated on was grinding up some of my skills against some tougher enemies because I felt confident enough to face some enemies like Orcs and the different varieties of Orc. The Orcs have been offering some more experience compared to Bats, Wolfs and Rogues and Thieves. The other thing the Orcs have been offering is an upgrade in terms of weapons that they drop, as well as some upgrades in terms of my armour. Overall. Aberoth is going quite well because I haven’t dropped any of my items in a while and I also haven’t died in a while.

So overall, today I played quite a few different games today because I hadn’t really played too many games apart from Emporea, which I have played quite a bit lately because there are so many achievements in the game. I am also very happy that I have reached the end of the 8th week of the blog and I look forward to progressing towards the 10th week and then the 100th day.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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