06/08/2016 (Day 55: Emporea Adventure and Fatigue)

So today I wasn’t feeling too well and still felt extremely tired from work yesterday. The main thing I did today was play some more Emporea and I found out that the glitch I have mentioned in previous blogs has not been fixed in the most recent patch and I have also noticed that the further that the player goes into the game in terms of level, the longer it takes for the game to notice that the quest is done. This is quite a problem because I am worried that when I progress to the higher levels, it could take even longer for quests to finish, meaning that it could cause me to lose potential upgrade time. Also, if I am upgrading something that takes quite a bit of time and the quest doesn’t finish correctly, then it could mean that I lose potential resources as well.

I also played some Adventure Capitalist as well because I am quite close to the end of the game and I want to try and finish the game soon. I have been playing the game for over a year and I have enjoyed starting from 1 Lemonade Stand which the game starts you out with and now I am close to the end of the game, I would potentially play through the game again.

Overall, today I have struggled today to do anything as I have still so tired and have been feeling not too well. Also sorry that this blog is short today, it is because of the reason I mentioned before. I will try and get some rest tonight and hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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