05/08/2016 (Day 54: Golf With Your Emporia Friends)

So once I got in from work today, I decided after a little bit of time away I would reopen and play some Emporea because there has been some patches to the game to fix a few issues with the game. I personally haven’t ran into any of the issues that were fixed, but the only problem I have with the game is simply that sometimes when you finish a quest, the game doesn’t recognise the fact you have finished the quest for about 10-30 seconds. This is actually a problem because you have 2 builders and until the game recognises that the building quest is done, you don’t have that builder. If the developers can find a way to fix this, it would make the game even easier to play. I still find the game really enjoyable to play eve though this is an issue.

Another game I played some more of today was Golf With Your Friends, even though I am currently organising to play it with some friends of mine. I don’t know why but I find the game a really nice way to relax after a hard day’s work because the music is really relaxing and simple and the game is such much fun. It is the only game I have purchased that was in Early Access on Steam because the game is just that enjoyable. It is amazing that I find the game so enjoyable and also the fact I keep playing it considering how simple the game is.

So overall, today was less busy than yesterday because I am exhausted after work. I am looking forward to this weekend because it means I can write some reviews like I have been planning to for a couple of days. I am announcing as well that I will not be partaking in the 12 hour challenge because I couldn’t find a game that interested me enough, plus I have enough speedgames currently as well.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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