04/08/2016 (Day 53: I Broke Lester The Unlikely)

So today after I got home from work, I decided to load up Adventure Capitalist, which I have been playing for about a year now. The game is somewhat similar to Cookie Clicker apart from after a while, the player won’t have to click at all, as the game generates money for you using managers. I honestly don’t know why I started playing the game so long ago. I think I started playing it when I first got signed up to Steam and pretty much tried out as many Free To Play titles as possible. However, I only played and still play Free To Play titles that have me partially interesting. I don’t and won’t play any of the Free To Play visual novels because the genre is really something I am not interested in. I am more of a fan of a game that has some pretty cool aspects to it, whilst having good gameplay and visual novels don’t fit under that umbrella. Also, the options for Free To Play games for me to play are restricted because quite a lot of games on Steam are not compatible with Mac systems, which is what I do all my streaming and gaming on. I suppose this means that some of the poorer quality games don’t get Mac ports because it wouldn’t be of interest for them, especially if the game sold poorly on Windows Steam.

The only other thing I did today was stream Lester The Unlikely for a little while to do some practice. Whilst I was streaming a fellow runner mentioned some areas that could have some potential for timesaves and wow do we find them. The main glitch we found is that we can jump over a door to skip an animation and save 2 seconds. I then experimented in a few other areas to see if there was anymore breakthroughs, but sadly to no avail. I didn’t stream for too long as I was exhausted after a busy work day.

Overall, today was relatively quiet with not loads happening. I wanted to write some more things for reviews, but I was just too mentally and physically tired to even compute or write anything that would have helped the reviews. I am glad I got as far ahead as I did because if I hadn’t of done so, I would be behind now.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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