02/08/2016 (Day 51: Organising Reviews)

So today I woke up late again, which I am quite glad I did because I was awake for somewhere close to 18 hours yesterday. I woke up feeling more positive then yesterday after seeing the amazing feedback to yesterday’s blog, which has made me determined to write more reviews and even better content overall. It also started raining last night and has rained a bit this morning, which has also cheered me up because in the last couple of weeks, it has been very humid to the point of being sometimes unbearable. So even though it has been overcast today, the air smells much fresher, which has also helped my mood.

Also, this morning I decided to have a look through some of the games that are my list of games that I still need to write reviews for and started organising them. The only reason why I organise the reviews in a specific way to make sure that there is 2 reviews from the same console, but rather make sure that as many consoles have games reviewed from them as possible. Although, there are a couple of consoles that I need to look through libraries of because some consoles don’t have games on my review list. For example, there isn’t a single Game Gear, Master System or PC game on the list of games, which considering the amount of games I have played on PC in the last year and as a child seems to be a bad thing. I think however, that if I do some PC games for review they might be games are more modern compared to the retro systems because I haven’t played many retro PC games because I grew up playing console games. I also think that I should be looking at more obscure consoles that perhaps weren’t released outside of Asia or Japan because those reviews would be interesting to write, as I would be giving the back story of a console that is unknown to the rest of the world. The only problem with this would be a finding a way to games for these consoles, as some of them are really obscure and finding the games as well could end up being a grind.

I also did some work on writing more reviews as well as organising the list of reviews and for some reason when I am listening to the Ridge Racer Type 4 soundtrack, I work much more efficiently and harder. There is something about how awesome the soundtrack is that install a mode of pure hard work and a determination to get things done. I think the reason why this soundtrack does this to me is because the music is just fantastic to listen to over and over again and believe me, the songs never get boring. I think it might also be down to the unique style of the soundtrack and the fact that it isn’t like any other soundtrack because of the wide variety of genres that it explores.

Overall, today was really productive and I managed to complete another review and get part of the way through another one. If I can finish this review I am still working on then I will be a month ahead of reviews, which hasn’t ever happened, but then again the further ahead I get, the more games I can try, the more games I can then write reviews about.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.


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