31/07/2016 (Day 49: Sonic Chameleon)

So the schedule I wrote last night, I didn’t stick to because I ended up waking up much later than I set my alarm for. I did however manage to get somewhere close to 11 hours of sleep, which I haven’t been able to get for close to a year. I definitely felt much more refreshed this morning then previous mornings because my sleeping pattern has been so varied to the point where some nights I get 5 hours of sleep and other nights I get 9 hours. I really would like to sort out this sleeping schedule as soon as possible because it is starting to become a problem, which has affected my ability to write reviews.

The first thing I did today was stream on RetroGamingLiveTV, as I had been booked in to do 2 Sundays in a row. I started the stream by playing through the entirety of Sonic CD, which I had planned to play for quite some time as it one of the few early Sonic games that I had neither played nor beaten. I found the game quite enjoyable, but Sonic moves so fast in this game at certain times that it did make me feel nauseous and also dizzy. The level design in the game is extremely complex and makes exploring the game really enjoyable. However, in some of the levels, the design is too confusing and doesn’t really direct the player where they go, therefore making the player feel confused and lost. The interesting part of the game is that the bosses are quite unique and each of them are just the recycled 8 hit kills of other Genesis Sonic games. Instead, some times the boss only takes only hit, but getting to that hit is harder than it may seem and requires the player to analyse what the boss is doing. There is even an underwater boss that is protected by air bubbles, which Sonic needs to breathe, but it then exposes the boss, meaning that 1 hit will wipe the boss out. I definitely think that this game will make for a fun review, but the review won’t be for a while because I have another Sonic game which needs a review written first and I don’t want there to be too many games from one franchise, as I want to make sure that the variety of reviews is maintained.

After that on stream, I decided to play some Kid Chameleon, as it is a game that the speedrun interested me, but the final boss is just way too difficult. I find Kid Chameleon is be one of the best games on the Genesis because the game is quite unique with the variety of powerups and the different routes the player can take. The game has over 100+ levels and the player can’t play every single level in the game in one playthrough, which adds a lot of replay value to the game, as it means if the player wants to see all the levels, the player would have to take the varying routes to see the whole game. I really like this because it means each playthrough will be different enough to keep the player coming back for more playthroughs, so that all the routes can be investigated. I think I need to play this game some more before I have enough knowledge to write a review, as I haven’t played more than 15 of the different levels, although I have played the final boss, as there is a way to get to the boss from the 2nd stage. But I am glad that today means I have the knowledge to write another review because I have been worried that I was running out of games to write reviews for. The Sonic CD review also means that I can explain the history of the Sega CD, which is what I do when I review a game from a system that I haven’t covered before.

So overall, today was a fun day, although I didn’t stick to my schedule like I had planned to as I was super tired. Hopefully I can start sticking to a schedule from tomorrow as I really want to get some things done, both review wise and other IRL things like getting some supplies.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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