30/07/2016 (Day 48: Hotel Aberoth)

So I decided to start the day by watching a different programme that Gordon Ramsay has done, which I didn’t even know that he had done called Hotel Hell. Hotel Hell is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, but instead he goes to hotels across America and tries to sort them out. I am not sure why I decided to check out this programme, but I am quite glad I did because the programme is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, which I liked but it is different enough to keep me interested. However, I don’t think that there was a UK version, which is interesting because most of Gordon Ramsay’s shows have either UK or US versions or a version of the show is broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic. I do like the programme quite a bit because it shows Ramsay doing more than just fixing restaurants, but also fixing hotel infrastructure. The surprising thing is how bad the hotels in the programme get because at the end of the day, a hotel is a business and losing money on a business surely would ring alarm bells for the owner. The other piece of information I know about the programme is that Season 4 is being aired in the US, but I don’t know what channel it is on and if it was broadcast in the UK, I would happily watch it because it is quite interesting.

I also today played some more Aberoth and there were one thing that I noticed about the game, which makes the game so much better to play than larger, more-well known MMO’s and that is the community is really nice. There were multiple times where I got killed and lost some of my items and then when I asked for help getting the items back, someone always offered to help me out. I have played League of Legends in the past and the community is quite toxic and not very new player friendly, but Aberoth is the complete opposite, where new players were welcome and more often then not, other players help you out. Also, quite a few times players have offered me items for free to help me out in the game, which is a rarity in multiplayer online games because it is either about a team or about themselves. I highly recommend Aberoth as the community in the game is relatively small and you will be on your own somewhat often, but when there other players on they are very helpful and welcoming.

So overall, today has been quite a good day in terms of relaxing. After this blog is published, I will be updating my schedule as I want to get back ahead on reviews as for the past few days, I haven’t had the motivation to write them, due to the doubt that I showed for the blog earlier this week. And following that up, the blog won’t be stopped or the reviews because I really enjoy sharing with you, the reader, what I do everyday in my leisure time and I appreciate every single one of you that reads either these blogs, the reviews or both. So thank you very much for reading these and lets hope we can keep up the momentum and maybe grow the blog.

One final word as well. If you have any questions or queries regarding the blog or have games you want to suggest for me to review, then don’t be afraid to message me either on here, where I receive immediately or via Social Media.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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