28/07/2016 (Day 46: I Own Kingdom Hearts)

So I started today out by revisiting a game that I haven’t played for a couple of weeks, which I find enjoyable and that is Emporia. Emporia is a game that has some similarities to a game like Clash of Clans, but has more strategy to it. For example, you can attack camps which aren’t controlled by other players to gain resources that you can use to upgrade different areas of your camp. The main strategy element is deciding which camp to attack and then how many units to want to send to said camp. Also, unlike Clash of Clans where the world continues on and on, Emporia has multiple worlds that last 3 months, which I think is a great idea so that the game doesn’t up with a set of overpowered players who control the worlds. The game is free to play and does have some quite pricey microtransactions, but you don’t have to spend any money at all as the game gives the player ample enough resources to use and it is up to the player to use these resources in the correct manner. There are also quests that the game gives the player, which allows the player to earn more resources and even things that can make the player more powerful or speed up aspects such as building speed or resource speed. I feel that Emporia is much more fun compared to Clash of Clans and it doesn’t force the microtransactions down the player throat all the time, which is a huge positive.

This afternoon I decided to go into town and have a look through some charity shops, as recently I have found some pretty good pick ups. Today was one of the quieter days as there wasn’t too much that caught my eye, but the games that did catch my eye made the trip worth it. The first game I picked up was a copy of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the Playstation and it cost me £4 or about $5. This was a game I already owned, but the disc I had got some laser burns on it because the laser in my old PS2 was misaligned, so I saw it for a good price and picked it up. The game’s condition is really good, as there isn’t any cracks on the case and the manual and disc

The second game I got was a game I only learned about recently and it has interested me and it is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the Playstation 2. The price for this game was great as I got it for £1 or about $1.35, which for a Splinter Cell game is great. I heard about this game during a podcast I listen to called Playstation Power, which the storyline and the game itself caught my attention and for £1, I wasn’t going to pass it up.

The final game I picked up was perhaps one of the best buys I have ever heard from a charity shop in the 3 years I have been buying from them. I picked up a PS2 copy of Kingdom Hearts, which the case is in great condition, the disc is borderline mint, but the manual has some wear to it. Now, normally Kingdom Hearts goes for about £10+ here in the UK or about $14, but I was able to get this copy from a charity shop for £4.99 or about $6. When I saw it, my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and I just had to get it as I know that can be quite tough to find in good condition and prices can vary widely.

So overall, today has been a fantastic day where I have been able to go out and find some awesome games for great prices. I will most likely continue writing some reviews tonight, so that I can continue to get further ahead. Also, I hope that this blog is much more interesting compared to yesterday’s blog because I have been writing this as the day has gone on, so I don’t forget anything. I am changing how I do titles as well, so that the titles make sense and give an idea what is actually going to be said in the blog itself.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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