27/07/2016 (Day 45: Tutorials Of Lester Personal Bests)

So today I started off by streaming for a little while and I decided to try and improve my Kirby’s Dream Land personal best time. This was quite successful because I managed to save about 50 seconds compared to my personal best, even though the game did frustrate me quite a bit, but I am quite glad that I tried to improve it as I was able to add some new strategies that I wanted implement for a while. The most important thing that I need to keep doing is to stay fresh with all the strategies and make sure that I don’t get rusty.

The other game that I worked on quite a bit on stream was Super Mario Land 2, as it had been quite a while since I did a run of the game. Recently, I have been revisiting quite a lot of old speedruns that I used to run quite some time ago because I have tried some new speedgames in the past couple of weeks and I didn’t really get a good feeling with the games. Then I had the inspiration to revisit the games I used to run because of my personal bests in these games weren’t as good as they should be and I want to make sure that I optimise my times in this games before I move on to other games or games that I am learning for tournaments or competitions.

The other thing that happened today was that I watched a Lester The Unlikely speedrunning tutorial, which was done by two of my speedrunning friends. Lester The Unlikely that I decided to pick up after one of my friends encouraged me to learn and pick up the game. The game is notorious for being a bad game, but I find the game really easy to learn and play once the mechanics make sense, which the game doesn’t explain. I was able to learn the entire game in about 2 hours and from there I found the game to be extremely fun and enjoyable, even though some parts of the game are somewhat clunky at times.

Overall, today has been less busy then of late, but much more productive in terms of speedrunning. I feel somewhat comfortable running Lester The Unlikely now and from tomorrow it will be putting the pieces of the game together into a feasible speedrun.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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