26/07/2016 (Day 44: New Speedrun Reaction)

Today started off quite nicely after checking my Soundcloud page to see how well my new track has done, as well as how it is affected the plays on my first track to see if there has been any increase in that track’s plays as well. The new track now has over 40 plays in about 24 hours, which in comparison to the previous track within the same period of time has done about 30-40% better. Although, the amount of plays throughout the rest of the day has tailed off a bit more compared to how much momentum the previous track had and maintained. The first track has also gained a few extra views and is now very close to hitting 100 plays. To have 2 tracks within 2 weeks garner over even 20 views blows my mind, but the fact that one track is nearly 100 and the other one is close to 50 views is absolutely astounding. I will definitely be working on more remixes for these Youtubers because it definitely helping to shape my musical style, but also helps me get my name out there and maybe start garnering a potential audience. I just think that these two remixes have helped me get some confidence in my musical composing and it also very encouraging to the point where I feel like I am starting to enjoy writing music. Instead of me feeling “I really need to start composing music again”, I feel “These two tracks have been successful and want to write more music”. The main problem I had before I did these remixes was that I felt burnt out from music and just didn’t have the passion to write music, but now I feel that I should continue writing music and build a back catalogue of music.

Also, I decided that I should stream a little bit today, but I ended up streaming for nearly 2 1/2 hours. I started out with Kirby’s Dream Land after finding out that two of my speedruns were rejected on the speedrunning website I post my personal bests to, so my goal was to get a run close to the time that I had before. This is was quite successful as I got within a minute of it and in such a way that the run will now get accepted on the website. However, I think until I beat my old personal best, it might be best to wait because I would be posting a video and a time that is better.

I also decided to unveil my new speedgame, which is going to be Lester The Unlikely for the SNES. The game has quite the reputation for being quite a bad time because sometimes the game can be quite cryptic and the mechanics are quite confusing. However, once I had got used to the mechanics and understood the cryptic puzzles, the game actually ended up being somewhat fun. The main problem is that the game is quite tough in terms of difficulty, but then again I don’t have a lot of experience with the game. I then started working on the speedrun of the game, which makes the game so much easier to play and to understand. This is one of the situations where a bad game makes a good speedrun.

Overall, today was a very positive day because I feel like there has been a lot of progress in terms of music and speedrunning. It has also been a fun day where I feel like everything is going very well and I feel that my confidence is continuously on the rise.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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