25/07/2016 (Day 43: Musical Gaming Success)

Today started off me building myself a schedule because I hadn’t had one or kept one updated since I left university. The sole purpose of maintaining this schedule is that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall behind in assignments. The reason why I wanted to get another schedule made was because I wanted to make sure that I can stay ahead on reviews, which will allow me to play some more games that I could potentially review at some time in the future. Also, the reason why I plan to get so far ahead of reviews is because my 10th game review is going to be an RPG review and I want to make sure that as much time and effort goes into covering that game in as much detail as possible.

Speaking of reviews, I was able to finish 2 reviews today. One of them will be published this Saturday and I am super excited to reveal what game it is, but it is on one of my favourite games that I played growing up and it was one of my favourite reviews to write. The only thing I had to do was make sure the reviews wasn’t too long as it was over 3000 words once I finished and I could have written a further 2000 words. I was also able to finish the review that will follow that, which in comparison is much shorter. The only thing with the game is that there was a decent amount to say, but it is in a genre that I haven’t ever covered or really played before. Overall, the reviews are going well, but I intend to get further ahead so that I can try out new games and games that I have wanted to play for a long while.

The last thing that happened was that I finished my second song in only 2 weeks, which is the quickest music turnaround since university. When I was watching Birgirpall’s stream last night, the streamer and chat asked me to make another remix based on stream sound effects. So what I did was take some sound clips from the stream and extracted the sound effects that I felt would go well together, as well as making something different to my previous remix that I had made. I also used a drum beat that I had developed last year that I felt was quite suitable for the track and the tempo that I was using. I then uploaded it onto my Soundcloud page and shared with the 2 guys who are Birgirpall. Initially, plays are kinda good for the first hour where I had got about 9 plans, but after they retweeted and tweeted it out themselves, the plays pretty much quadrupled in only 30 minutes. I am so happy that the song has followed up the first track I did very well, even though I feel the first track I did was a bit better.

Overall, today has been a productive day where my confidence has been given a very helpful boost and also given me the incentive to work on some non remix tracks. It is amazing considering that I started out those remixes by pure accident and mainly for fun simply because I wanted to experiment with musical ideas.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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