24/07/2016 (Day 42: Podcast Remix Sequel)

Today has been quite a busy day so far with everything from recording a podcast to commissioning a sequel to a successful freestyle track I made 2 weeks ago. Today started off with streaming on RetroGamingLiveTV and I streamed a lot of puzzle games. The stream went quite well even though it was tiring and mentally draining. But, I did gain 2 more followers, which means I am only 16 away from 200 Twitch follows. I definitely think my confidence with streaming is starting to improve because I didn’t struggle in terms of expressing myself on stream and also I was able to keep up with chat really well. I was also able to answer questions at the same time, which I haven’t been able to do in recent streams.

The second thing that happened was that I helped record a podcast with a friend of mine that was organised on Wednesday. The podcast recording went really well considering the fact that I was feeling quite nervous and I had never been on a podcast before. I got some good feedback with the host running the podcast and they said that they want me back for a longer episode and to also potentially feature on some of his other podcasts. This was a confidence boost because I was worried that I was underwhelming overall, but the feedback reassured me that I did well.

The final thing that occurred today only happened in the last 30 minutes and that is that I was watching a stream and I have been asked to do a sequel to the Birgirpall Freestyle that I did 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting to be asked again but I am quite happy as it means that there will be a consistent stream of music being composed by me. These remix projects are also good experience in terms of composing music in a unique way.

Overall, today has been a busy day where a lot happened. I was also able to finish writing another review so that I am at least on par with where I should be, but next week will be all about getting even further ahead, so that I have a backlog of reviews.

Have an awesome day and I will see you tomorrow.



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