23/07/2016 (Day 41: New Streaming Shirt Is Lucky)

So today, I went to get the post from the mailman and both my T-Shirts that I had ordered from the United States had arrived. One of the shirts I ordered from a speedrunning event called Summer Games Done Quick where $3 of the price on the shirt went to the charity that the event was doing the event for. I realised that the shirt I ordered was a size too big for me, but the shirt is so comfortable. I am relieved that I didn’t get a shirt that was a size too small. The other shirt I ordered from a Twitch friend’s campaign and I absolutely love the design on them. There is the streamer’s logo on the front and a massive logo on the back with a triforce on it. The shirt is also very comfortable and doesn’t hug too tight either. Both shirts I get for really good prices considering that the prices included really good deals on the shipping as well and the shirts had no problem getting through customs, which I was relatively concerned about.

I also did a livestream tonight where I concentrated on quite a few games that I hadn’t done speedruns of for a while, one of them as long as a year ago. The reason why I decided to derust these games is because I had tried some different speedgames and decided that none of them really resonated well with me. I also looked at all of my Personal Best times on speedrun.com and I decided that instead of learning new games and potentially never returning to the older games that I used to run, I would rather improve the times in the categories I used to run so that I have some closure on those games. I am so glad that I did because I beat my Personal Best on Kirby’s Dream Land by over a minute, and I did it whilst wearing my new SGDQ shirt. I will likely wear the shirt for future streams as it could be a lucky charm.

Overall, I am very happy with how today went. I am really happy that both of my shirts from the US are finally here and also the Personal Best in Kirby’s Dream Land has motivated to work ever harder on my speedgames.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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