22/07/2016 (Day 40: The Retro Bedroom Speedrun Podcast)

So today was a very busy day where a lot of different things happened, everything from my bedroom, all the way through to me being featured on my first ever retro gaming podcast. The first thing I decided that needed to get done was to go through all of the clothes that were both beside my bed and in my wardrobe simply because there were so many t-shirts and clothes in general that were too small. I pretty much reduced the amount of clothes down by over 35% and most of the clothes that were thrown away were way too small. What was quite funny was half of the clothes that didn’t fit me I didn’t even know that I had in my wardrobe and some of them I hadn’t even seen in some cases as long as 5 years. As well as sorting out the clothes I also tidied the rest of my bedroom and tomorrow I need to finish it off by hoovering and dusting the bedroom. But, the progress on the bedroom this week has been huge and it has made me feel a lot better and improved my mood quite a bit more.

Also, early this morning, I received a message from a friend of mine who does a retro video game podcast and when I mean early, I mean at about 2am. Initially, he asked me if I would want to help him out with something. Initially, I thought that he wanted me to do a introduction to the podcast similar to an endorsement, but then he asked me if I wanted to actually be on the podcast. When he asked me this, I was staggered and really happy that he invited me on as I have been listening to the podcasts he has made for quite a few months, therefore I accepted the invitation immediately. I am both nervous because it will be my first ever podcast appearance, but I am also excited because it is a new experience for me.

The final thing that happened was I decided what game that I am going to play on RetroGamingLiveTV on Sunday because I have been somewhat undecided about what to play. RetroGamingLiveTV is a 24/7 Twitch channel dedicated to retro video games and I have also been on there before a couple of months ago with a speedrun showcase. I won’t say what game I will be playing on the stream as I don’t wanna ruin the surprise, but it won’t be a speedrun.

Overall, today has been productive and really positive. In terms of game reviews, I aim to work really hard on them tomorrow as I am close to finishing one review and I know the review afterwards will be a shorter review because both the game is bad and is really short.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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