21/07/2016 (Day 39: Promotion Review Ideas)

So I spent most of today thinking of way to spread the word more about my stream and about my blogs and I think I have realised one of my flaws, which is a lack of promotion. Whenever I put out a blog post I don’t give a heads up before I post them and I don’t promote my stream well enough before I stream. It isn’t just general promotion, it is also the fact that i don’t promote streams, blogs and reviews on my personal Facebook page, which I think I should do as my friends and family might be interested in what I post in terms of reviews and blogs. The reason for this shift and increase in promotion is because I realise that it won’t happen overnight and I need to make everyone aware of the hard work that I put into my game reviews and also the fun that I have on stream. I love working on this daily blog and the game reviews and I feel that me not promoting on my personal Facebook page might have closed out some of the audience who would read the blog and reviews during the beginning. If you are now reading this and were reading the original blogs from the beginning, I wish to apologise if you have been left out of the reviews and such. I will make sure to promote these more often so that everyone has a chance to read my blog and my reviews.

The other thing I did today was actually race a friend of mine on a livestream in a blind Super Nintendo game called Vegas Stakes. I decided to try the game out simply because it looked like a lot of fun and what eventually happened was me and the streamer Absnerdity ended up challenging each other to beat the game. By about an hour in, the chat was urging me and the streamer on and we agreed that we would race each other to the end of the game. I ended up winning the race by a good distance and it made me appreciate how much fun playing a game that I am not familiar with can be, as I have been used to the speedrunning mindset of playing familiar games for quite a while. I definitely think in the future if there is a game that me and someone I know is interested in playing, then playing the game in this way makes the game much fun to play and also maintains the speedrunning element, but not forcing it to the point where the potential enjoyment could subside.

I also managed to get done quite a few more things for my bedroom, which had been dormant for a while. Although I have now realised that I have way too clothes which either don’t fit me anymore or I just don’t wear and with some more clothes coming soon, I need to clear some space in my wardrobe. I hope to be able to go through my clothes in the next couple of days so that when my bedroom gets redecorated, it won’t be as much of a chore to move all my clothes out and then back in.

So overall, today has been a day of mainly brainstorming different solutions and also making sure that I am able to maximise my potential reach of my audience. On the review front, I will be hoping to finish another review in the next 24 hours and also start work on the next one, which would mean I would be 3 weeks ahead of time. Being ahead of reviews is vital because of the amount of times I might have mental blocks and lack of ideas.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.


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