20/07/2016 (Day 38: Another Hot Game Invitation)

So today has been a day of progress on many different fronts, everything from new games that I have looked at for potential reviews and stream games to being invited to guest host on a twitch channel. Also, the heat day has been much worse than yesterday with temperatures inside my bedroom hitting 102F/39C, the hottest it has been for quite a few years. I am not saying that it has been hot, but I have got some sunburn on my nose from the heat and I have hardly been outside. It must mean that it isn’t just the heat that has been hard to deal with, but also the strength of the UV levels. However, the recent forecast has said that there could be isolated thunderstorms in my area and I really hope we get one of those. There was also a very weird occurrence with the weather where there were a few drops of rain that fell, but because it was so humid and hot the raindrops didn’t even the ground. It didn’t help that the small amount of rainfall also fell when the sky was mostly clear and the sun was still beaming down.

Also today, I continued to have a look through some game libraries for some new games to either play on stream or do reviews of. However, I decided to concentrate on 2 specific consoles that I have had limited exposure to which are the Sega Game Gear and the Sega Master System. The main thing I made sure of was to try games that were on other systems or have had ports, but the games which were and still are exclusive to the consoles. The reason why I searched in this way was to make sure I was trying in some cases, the most obscure games for the system or games that might have been missed. I have found a couple of quite interesting games for these systems, but sadly nothing which has really blown me away with astonishment or made me think “This game is awesome”.

I also heard back from a Twitch channel that I have guest streamed on a couple of times called RetroGamingLiveTV, who are a fantastic 24/7 Twitch channel dedicated to all things retro about video games. I asked the moderator of the channel if there was any chance that I could stream sometime on the channel and he said that I could have 2 stream spots in 2 weeks. This really surprised me and made me feel pretty awesome as I must be doing something right in terms of my speedruns and my streaming. Also, the stream times I will be doing are perfect because they are both on Sundays and about mid afternoon my time, which is great because Sundays are normally quite boring anyways.

Overall, today has been a really positive day even though the heat has been quite unbearable. Also, I know that I am posting this blog early, it is because I felt like writing it earlier so that my European readers get a better chance to read it, also it tailors better for my American audience.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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