19/07/2016 (Day 37: A Warm Musical Speedrunning Title)

So today I have learnt a lesson about naming blogs, which is to have titles that makes some sort of sense as yesterday I make a grammatical error and the blog didn’t get any views. So from now on I need to make sure if I make a fun title like I have been doing lately to at least make the title have some sort of sense. Then again yesterday I didn’t have too much to say yesterday as it was a much more relaxed day then of late. Don’t worry this blog will be much more interesting due to how much happened today and how much I got done on all fronts.

Today was actually quite a fun day. This afternoon I went to a meeting with a game developer about video game testing potentially being another career path I could pursue as I have a huge interest in not just playing games but also bug testing them. The person who I met was has a huge wealth of knowledge and gave me a huge amount of advice overall. I feel that should I ever want to pursue a video game testing career I now have the knowledge and the necessary industry knowledge to be able to pursue a successful career. I also think that me helping test out the Super Mario World randomiser tool last year gave me extremely valuable experience in terms of pursing this career. I think without testing the randomiser tool I wouldn’t have as much of a chance of pursing this as a secondary career path. On this topic as well, I could always use this angle as potential to maybe into writing music for video games as well, but I definitely need to be more concise and consistent with composing schedules because ever since I left university, I haven’t be at all consistent with getting music related material onto my Soundcloud or onto my Youtube. It has mainly been a “whenever I feel like it” approach, which upon reflection is most definitely the wrong angle to approach music. It should be more of “Let’s try and write something in the this time frame” and then if I am running dry of ideas, work on custom synth sounds so I have made some sort of progress. Even if it isn’t progress to writing a new piece of music, having my own custom library of synth sounds will make writing music of different styles much easier.

So also today I streamed and started to derust Star Fox 2 after not running it for almost 6 months. The stream was harder than I thought it was going to be as it was still 90F/32C in my bedroom as 8pm, which is much warmer than I am used to streaming in, so I couldn’t stream for anything longer than an hour. But during the derust of Star Fox 2, there was a run where I was 11 seconds of my world record time, which ended up being 20 seconds slower than my record because the game decided it was going to troll me pretty hard. However, the fact I could save as much as 20 seconds on my record is hugely gratifying and really motivating as I can save more time than I imagined and who knows? If more glitches or tech is discovered in the coming months, maybe the time could go sub 10, which currently is a pipe dream. Then again sub 10:30 (15 seconds from my record time) was a pipe dream 3 months ago, but now is doable if all the elements of the run fall into place perfectly.

Overall, today had a lot of positive experiences and also a lesson about how to name my blog posts so that it doesn’t sound like I hit my head on the keyboard for the title and used autocorrect to make two words. The meeting with the game developer and the successful stream has left me in a very good mood leading into tomorrow. I hope I can continue this momentum into writing my reviews and continuing to write even more successful music.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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