18/07/2016 (Day 36: Positive Reviewing)

So today was one of the most positive days I have had in quite a long time. I woke up this morning feeling somewhat down for some reason and I felt extremely down. However, after I had some lunch, my mood shifted suddenly and I was really happy. So I used this positivity and start writing some reviews on games that I had recently added to my review list. The most important thing that I have done with my reviews is to make sure that I cover games from as many different consoles as possible, as well as making sure that the games I cover also cover a wide variety of different genres. The sole reason why the genres come into play is because I don’t want the reviews to be purely about platformer games, but cover games that are for example racing games, puzzle games and space games. This variety of genres will also make the reviews more interesting to do, as it will mean me playing games that I have never played before and also in genres that perhaps I have less experience in. It will also mean playing games that perhaps weren’t release in Europe or the US, which will mean reviews that no one has heard of and make interesting reviews.

Also, today I have been able to control my eating quite a bit better today. I didn’t have any breakfast and had a small lunch, but then I had a larger dinner. I feel that this balance worked quite well, although I think it might be better if I have some breakfast in the morning so that I don’t have to rely on having a large dinner. Another thing I need to do because of how warm it has been recently I need to drink some more liquid throughout the day. I think this will help me concentrate even more in terms of not getting distracted and struggling to continue reviews.

So overall, today was decently productive, but not as productive as previous days simply due to the heat. It was so hot today that my bedroom hit 100F/38C, which is much warmer than I like.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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