17/07/2016 (Day 35: A Very Productive Week)

This week has been quite the productive week in terms of writing reviews and finding new speedruns. So Monday started off pretty slowly after struggling to find the motivation to really get going in terms of writing reviews. I was able to get some bits and bobs for some reviews done but not too week. I was however quite productive in terms of bedroom maintenance and got a good start on sorting out my bedroom. I also finished a remix for some Youtuber friends of mine which this week ended up getting a combined 100 plays from Soundcloud and Youtube.

However, Tuesday and Wednesday were the most productive days of the week. I managed to get so much done to my bedroom to the point where my bedroom hasn’t looked so good in a while. I also organised all the games for upcoming reviews, so that I knew what games I had the knowledge to write reviews about and also what games I needed to play more off. Thursday was the day I finally finished one review and also did some research for upcoming stream games.

And Friday through Sunday was me zoning in on completing reviews. I also can confirm that Liam’s Game Room will be changing from bi-weekly to a weekly basis because I am currently 1 review ahead, therefore the review for the 23rd July is done and is scheduled for publication. I am glad that I managed to get this week’s review done and got the next review ahead of time done.

Overall, this week went quite well. Today was really quiet because it was really warm today. The temperature hit about 85F/29C, which is much warmer than it has been in recent weeks. The temperature recently has been hovering around the low 70’s F ( 2o-23C) which is much more handleable compared to the humid heat of today.

Have an awesome day and I will see you all tomorrow.



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