16/07/2016 (Day 34: Reviewing Challenge Speedrun)

So today was a very productive today in terms of both speedrunning and writing reviews. I started today by writing the rest of the Kirby’s Dream Land review, where I had to write the rest of the gameplay section and then the final sections about music and the conclusion. I really enjoyed writing this review because it is a game from my childhood that I have really fond memories and I wanted to share my opinion of the game. The most important thing I did during this review was that I wasn’t wearing my nostalgia goggles and it helped me write a effective review, which had no bias.

After this, I immediately started work on another review, which I won’t reveal which game is about, but know it is my favourite speedgame to play. This review took much longer to complete as it ended up being the longest review I have ever written. The only reason why I wrote this review today was because I want to try and get as far ahead on reviews in case I hit a wall in terms of ideas for reviews. But, I hope the fact that I have organised my future reviews in a spreadsheet will mean I won’t fall behind and I have an idea of which games I can cover if I am short of ideas. I think the most important thing to keep thinking of other games that I have played either as a child or other games in general, so that I cover the widest variety of games.

Apart from that, I have been preparing from a speedrunning event at the start of August called the 12 Hour Speedrunning Challenge. This challenge is where I take a video game that I have no speedrunning knowledge and learn the game to the best of ability and as quickly as possible. What this will do will test my ability to learn a game and strategies on the fly and also adapt to changing situations in the game. I took part in this event last year, but this time round I am doing a game that no one has ever speedran before.

Overall, today has been productive and I hope I can continue to get further ahead in terms of reviews. I also decided the 12 Hour Challenge game on stream this evening, which actually went quite well as I have been struggling to get viewers for streams lately.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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