15/07/2016 (Day 33: Liam Vs The Premiere BlocK Dropping Simulator’s Sequel)

So today I unveiled what my new speedgame was going to be and the game is Tetris 2. There are a couple reasons why I decided not to go for Tetris 1 and preferred to start working on the game’s sequel. The first reason is that I find Tetris 2 easier to play because with the first game I have some trouble with the depth perception. Depth perception is the ability to be able to play games like Tetris or Columns and know where the block you are dropping is going to drop before it lands. Now, with Tetris 1 I struggle to see where the pieces are going to land, but for some reason Tetris 2 I don’t have this problem.

The second reason is because even though Tetris 2 is considered to be a weaker game in the series because it doesn’t have an endless mode, I actually quite like the mode that it does have, which is a puzzle mode. It isn’t just a typical puzzle mode however, what it does differently is that there are 3 colours that can be on the Tetris pieces and you need to match 3 of them up to destroy the set. In Tetris 2, if you can destroy the piece that is flashing at the bottom and match 3 of that colour up including the flashing piece, that all the dots that need to be matched up actually destroy as well. I felt that this mechanic makes the game quite an interesting speedgame because if you get lucky and are able to destroy these flashing dots fast, then the game is made much faster.I am quite glad that I am enjoying Tetris 2 as a speedgame because I haven’t ever speedran a puzzle game before. The games I have an affinity towards are platformers or space shooters so the fact that Tetris 2 is fun to run is a major breakthrough.

Overall, today has been quiet apart from Tetris 2, which has taken up a good chunk of the day. After I finish this blog however, I am going to continue writing some reviews as I have had some more ideas for reviews of games that I have played quite a bit of and have the knowledge to do a good review.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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