14/07/2016 (Day 32: Retro Review Replacement)

So today started off with me realising that my headphones had stopped working, which annoyed me because they were working fine last night, as I was listening to some music whilst writing a review. What I had to do was take them back to the store I bought them from as when I purchased them, I made sure to get a 3 year guarantee, as my composition means that headphones tend to not last me as long as other people. I think it was 11am by the time I got to town and got the headphones replaced for free as it was covered.

Whilst I was in town, I decided to try and have a look some charity shops to see if any of them had got any deliveries of retro games in at all. I tend to shy away from commercial shops that sell the games for profit simply because their prices tend to be heavily inflated and are based upon online prices. In some cases, these shops actually sell the games for more money then they are actually worth, which is annoying. The other problem is that in my opinion is literally no retro video games stores, which are purely about retro games because even though there is a market, competing with online they don’t want to do. I actually prefer to buy my games this way simply because you don’t know what condition you will get from online sellers, especially on Amazon. For some reason, about 60% of charity shops tend to not stock video games at all, which for collectors like me is a right pain in the backside. 20% of charity shops do stock some video games, but the problems with these stores is that it tends to Xbox 360 games and PS3 games, which of course because I am a retro collector is of no use to me. However, there are I believe 3 or 4 charity shops here that sell quite a good variety of games, but sadly I couldn’t find anything today.

Overall, today went quite well. I managed to finish a review that will be posted this Saturday, which I am quite glad is now finished. Now that I am ahead in terms of reviews, I need to get as much of a head start whilst I have the opportunity to do so.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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