13/07/2016 (Day 31: Bedroom Review Excel Spreadsheets)

Today, as I had been promising myself for a few days, I finally decided to tidy up my bedroom quite thoroughly, especially underneath my bed, which is where it was difficult to tidy. The reason why underneath my bed was such a pain was because I needed to lift the bed up, which considering how bad my shoulder is I was surprised I could still lift it. I am quite glad that I managed to make quite a lot of progress with it, even though I couldn’t muster the energy to complete it. I think what I will do is finish off the last touches to it tomorrow once I have had a good night’s sleep and rested my shoulder up a bit more.

The only other thing I have had time to do today was organise a spreadsheet for the reviews for Liam’s Game Room because I have had quite a lot of ideas, but there were very disorganised. So what I did was have a spreadsheet for every console that I have available to me and looked through the games that were available to me. Of course, not every single game that I have available to play will make a good review simply because either the game is so bad I don’t want to play it or I would not have enough to say about the game to make an interesting review. So I have classified the games into 3 categories, which are games I have played enough to review, games I have played some of but not enough to review it and then games I have never played before. What this means is that I know what games I could write reviews for, but also I know what games to investigate later on down the line.

Overall, today was a effective day in terms of getting things done even if there wasn’t much that happened today. I am quite happy that the bedroom and the reviews have been progressing well.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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