12/07/2016 (Day 30: Musical Game Room Ideas)

So to update about the main thing that happened yesterday in terms of the composition that I wrote, the listen count reached 80 today. I am super surprised by how popular the composition has become. I thought when it hit 70 listens this morning that it might have petered out much earlier but it continues to get listens. I am quite enthusiastic about writing more music, even though I know realistically getting the music to be as popular as this composition will be very tough.

I have had an idea to maybe get my name out there and that is to start writing compositions that could be potential used for Youtube or Twitch intros. The main reason why I think this could be a good idea is because I feel that maybe writing jingles like this could help me get some experience in terms of writing music at a professional level. The only thing I may have to look into before I can consider this is getting a PRS licence to maybe help me get royalties from the music usage, but then again at this point, the jingle idea is just a concept, which I will think about some more in the coming days and weeks.

I have now got 7 ideas for games to cover for Liam’s Game Room varying from games on the NES all the way through to a game, which is on the Playstation 2. I was thinking of games that I have enough knowledge about and memories of to cover and review thoroughly and I am quite surprised that there are at least 2 or 3 Playstation era games. I also have some ideas for games which I haven’t played before but that I am interested enough to potentially play on my Twitch stream. The only reason why I would prefer to play these games on Twitch is because I can get a copy of the stream and in some cases, watch the footage back so that I can analyse the game.

In terms of my bedroom, I managed to get a little bit more done, but for some reason my right shoulder is having some issues in terms of healing. The pain isn’t constant all the time, but when I start lifting things that perhaps are a bit heavier the rains really sets in and once again the pain isn’t too bad, but I would rather play it safe and not aggravate the injury further.

Overall, today wasn’t as hectic as yesterday, but I am happy that I have so many ideas for Liam’s Game Room reviews. I do think that I can ahead of reviews in the coming days if I can put my mind to it. Also, I plan to have my bedroom complete by the end of tomorrow as it is on my to do list. I am planning to work on some more music potentially as I want to maintain the momentum that I have gained.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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