11/07/2016 (Day 29: Bedroom Composition Explosion)

Today will be a day which I won’t be forgetting in a musical sense. I start today’s blog at 12:30am, which can be considered yesterday because I slept between then and the daytime today, but I won’t confuse you anymore with how days function. I was watching a stream and the streamer is someone who I have watched both on Youtube and Twitch for about 2 years now. The stream and Youtube name by the way if you are interested is Birgirpall and they are 2 Icelandic friends. During their stream, one of the guys named Banzaii started making some funny freestyle sound effects, which initially sounded very random and mostly hilarious. However, whilst he was making these noises, my brain decided to be both weird and very intelligent by thinking “You know what? I could make a track out of these sound effects.”

So, once the stream was over, I got to work to capture these sound effects so that I could put them into a sampler in Logic Pro X. The reason why I captured each sound effect individually is because in Logic you can assign a sound effect to be triggered, which corresponds to a note on a keyboard. I then spent close to 3 hours making the sound effects as clean as possible, whilst also deciding what the structure of the track would be. I also added a drum beat underneath to make sure that the track had a sense of movement as without the beat, the track would have potentially sounded too spacious and I wanted to make a dance track.

I also did something in the track, which I had never tried before and wanted to do, which thankfully paid off and that was a breakdown section. The breakdown section was like in standard dance tracks where a sample is shortened as the breakdown progresses to almost create a bridge like effect between two sections. After hearing the track back this afternoon, I am super happy how well it came out considering that I wrote it and finished it at somewhere close to 3am.

Once I had finished the track,I uploaded it to Soundcloud, Tweeted it to the people I made it for and then when to bed I think at about 3:30am. Now the reason why I won’t forget today is because when I woke up and checked my Soundcloud, I saw that the song had 30 listens. My initial reaction was like “How did I get so many listens in such a short period of time?”, because you have to remember that it was the first track I had uploaded to my new Soundcloud, so I wasn’t expecting anything really. But, later I found out that the people I made it before had mentioned in a Tweet and then the track exploded in terms of audience. By midday, I think the listen count was somewhere close to 40, which at the time I was over the moon about, but then the other person of Birgirpall, Biggi retweeted the original tweet, where it then exploded in listens again. As I am writing this, the listen count is now sitting at 68 listens in 19 hours, which just blows my mind. Originally, I started writing the song as a joke because I had an itching to write something music all of Sunday, and this track was the way to scratching that itch. This experience is making me more determined to actually sit down and put some more time to writing more music, as I have a feeling that if I work as hard as I did on this track and transfer over that enthusiasm, then something positive could happen in terms of my music.

If that wasn’t enough that the track exploded in popularity on Soundcloud, I also decided to upload the track to Youtube, with a music video consisting of Banzaii pulling lots of funny faces. Whilst I was writing this, I checked my Twitter and also that Banzaii had retweeted the Youtube video link and the view count has multiplied by 6. I seriously didn’t think that me making this track would have garnered me so much positive exposure in terms of compositional skills. This is yet more proof that I still have it in terms of writing interesting pieces of music, in sometimes the most unusual ways. It also proved to me that any music idea I have, no matter what I think of the idea at the time, I should stick with it and try and make something of it rather than shelving the idea and never using it.

I started work on tidying my bedroom as well because I have wanted to Spring Clean it for a while now.. I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to completely tidy my bedroom today, but I realised that there were certain aspects that I couldn’t complete today due to my shoulder still not being 100%. So what I managed to do was tidy up the main floor of my bedroom, so that it looks much tidier. The areas I couldn’t do today was my cupboard, as it would have required me to lift quite a few things out of it, especially considering how many boxes I have in there full of gaming peripherals. Hopefully, if I can put my mind to it, I can get this bedroom sorted out once and for all, but also make sure it never gets messy again because if I maintain the tidiness from the start, it won’t get messy in the first place.

As well as all of this happening, I have started working on some reviews for Liam’s Game Room. Compared to last week where I started running out of ideas for games to look at to review, today I have had idea after idea for games to review. The most important thing about these ideas is that the games aren’t all for one specific system, as I don’t want to end up in a position where one console has had preferential over after. I want to make sure that I have a variety of different reviews for different games from different eras on different consoles.

I have at least 2 SNES reviews in mind, which if you have watched my stream for a while are both games that I have speedrun, one of which I will be returning to. There is at least 2 Game Boy games, both of which one again I have speedran at some point, although one of the games is from a franchise I have covered once before, so I might write the review but publish it at a much later date. I know for certain that there will be one Playstation 1 review of a game I know extremely well and have played way too much. In terms of other game consoles, I need to have a dig around some more in those game libraries to find potentially some obscure titles or forgotten titles to review because I find writing reviews on games that are less familiar to be more interesting, as there is any preconceptions to the game.

Overall, today has been very productive from all aspects. The music I composed today was super fun and I am looking forward to writing more music, potentially even starting to make a name for myself in sea known as the internet. Bedroom progress has been decent, although tomorrow I will taking a much more aggressive approach to make sure that the bedroom is completely tidy. I am also quite happy that I have a few concepts for game reviews as well and hopefully means I will have a good choice of reviews to publish this Saturday, which I guarantee that there will be a Liam’s Game Room this Saturday. Also, from this Saturday, Liam’s Game Room will shift from bi-weekly to a weekly basis because I will most likely be ahead in terms of how many reviews have been written.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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