09/07/2016 (Day 27: A Much Tidier Bedroom and Speedrun Plans)

So today, one of the main goals was to try and make my bedroom tidier than it has been. The main reason why my bedroom became somewhat messy was simply because how busy I have been recently with work. The main problem was that I would put 100% into work and then by the time I get home I would be way too tired to do anything, also hence why the amount of streams I have been doing recently have been much lower. So, I managed to tidy around about 60% of my bedroom before my shoulders decided that they were going to start hurting. Hopefully, a good night’s sleep will help the shoulders rest and be able to finish tiding my bedroom, as I would like to make sure that I have a tidy bedroom to start next week.

I also tried out some more games by doing what I call Wikipedia Game Roulette. What I do is go to the Wikipedia page and find a list of games for a specific console and scroll down and play the game that it lands on. After doing that for a few hours I think I found at least 10 games that I want to play on stream mostly Turbo Grafx 16 games, which is a console I haven’t played all that much. I also found a couple of Game Boy games that look super fun, the games quite surprisingly were both puzzle games. The reason why it is surprising is because I tend to not like the puzzle genre too much as my strong suit is predominantly platformer games. Although there is one platformer I found for the Turbo Grafx, which when I found that no one had done a speedrun of, I was surprised and borderline shocked as the game is ridiculously fun to play.

So overall, today went quite well. I have also been watching SGDQ 2016 this week as well, which has super entertaining. Quite a few of my friends who I met online and live overseas have gone to the event, volunteered, hosted and also done some runs there as well. If I get some time I might also look at doing some composing of music tomorrow but I can’t guarantee anything currently.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.



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