08/07/2016 (Day 26: Found Some New Potential Speedruns)

So today has been quite a productive day in terms of finding some new games to look at in terms of speedruns. The way that I find new games to look at is quite an interesting process because I don’t select games based upon what I know about them or even based upon online screenshots. In fact I select the game by scrolling down a list of games from a specific console, for example today was Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear and Game Boy. Once I scroll down the list of games and it lands on a game, I go and check out the game to see whether I would be interested in either speedrunning the game or playing through the game in a non-speedrun setting. The way I decide upon either of these decisions is by playing the first 5 to 10 minutes of the game to get a feel for the game.

Researching the Genesis, Game Gear and Game Boy today turned out to be a good idea as I checked out roughly 20-30 different games and I think 3-5 of these games interested me enough to put on my speedrunning backlog, whilst another 2-4 of the games I put onto my casual streaming list. Sometimes I decide after playing some of the potential speedgames a little bit more I then feel that shifting it to just a casual game if I feel that the potential for it to be a speedgame is lower than I anticipated.

Apart from that, I have been looking at some games to do some reviews for Liam’s Game Room because I have decided to start working on a backlog of reviews should I hit a brick wall in the future and I can’t think of a game to review. Because of this move by me, there won’t be a review tomorrow but from next Saturday, the reviews will be weekly hopefully. I am quite glad that I started doing game reviews as it has allowed me to express my personal opinions about video games in a new way, as speaking about games can only express so much whilst a written review you can go into more detail.

Overall, today has been quite productive both for the website and for the stream, as maintaining schedules and adding some more games to my streaming inventory is quite important. Also I hope that this weekend I can develop some new music ideas, even if it is drum beats with simple basslines so I have something to develop later.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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