07/07/2016 (Day 25: Looking at New Speedruns and Making New Music)

From this blog onwards, I will no longer be mentioning work in any way simply because I feel that it makes the blog feels quite repetitive otherwise. What this means is that there will more of a focus on video games and hobbies rather than work as I feel otherwise you may get bored of hearing the same thing every day. I have also noticed that views for this blog recently have been going down as of late, which is making me worried that you might be losing interest in the blog. So if you can leave some feedback about what I can do better with the blog then just message me on here or on my social media.

Anyways, today I have been thinking about other games to speedrun because recently I feel like I have hit a brick wall in all of the games I speedrun apart from Star Fox 2, which I will be running during the Star Fox Relay Race in Autumn. But apart from that my speedrunning has ran dry recently, which is quite sad because I really enjoy speedrunning. I am hoping to stream at some point in the next week or so.

Also, this weekend I hoping to start working on some music as I have had an urge to work on new material instead of remixing and reworking some of my old material. My problem is that I have become extremely rusty in terms of writing music, as well as the processes of writing music. I think what I need to do is understand how my approach to a composition is affecting me in terms of developing basslines and melodies. From what I understand, instead of working on a drum beat and then evolving the music from there, I work on chord progressions and melodies instead. Then I realise that I don’t have a drum beat, which then I can think of a drum beat that would suit the rest of the composition.

Overall, I feel that the blog will benefit from a switch away from talking about work during the blog simply because it pretty much gets repetitive, also I would rather talk about more interesting things than work.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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