06/07/2016 (Day 24: Everything Is Going Well and Upcoming Reviews)

So work once again has been pretty good, which is surprising because this week compared to last week has been pretty much night and day, as last week went really badly but this week feels likes the sun has come out after a pretty nasty series of thunderstorms. Although, today I did start holding back a little bit in terms of energy levels because I want to make sure that the chest pains that I have been suffering from continue to heal well. The pains have been much more handleable today, but I am playing it safe as previously when I push after suffering injuries I tend to irritate the injury further, which then makes the recovery time much longer than it needs to be. I am glad that I did hold back today because the pains now have almost completely gone, but not 100% healed as I haven’t pushed back up to 100% energy levels.

In terms of how I am feeling at the moment, my confidence is recovering quite nicely after the disaster that was the last week. I think this has been my achilles heel because I sometimes have issues believing in myself and my ability, but then again I have had confidence issues for a long time. These confidence issues caused me a lot of problems during interviews hence why finding a job was very difficult.

Overall, today has been really good. I have been contemplating what my next review should be for Liam’s Game Room and I have a couple of ideas for games, but I haven’t pinpointed which game I should do. Rest assured there should be a review up on Saturday unless I should make it bi-weekly rather than pushing it for a weekly basis. The only way that I could make it weekly is if I can get really far ahead on reviews.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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