05/07/2016 (Day 23: Back to Back Good Days For The First Time In A While)

Work today went really well and I felt that I managed to turn a corner in terms of settling down my anxiety of recent days. However, the chest pains that I have been suffering from haven’t gone away 100% but then again I did push a little bit harder than yesterday, as I want to see how much I can push without the pain getting serious or unbearable. I found that I am able to push at about 70-75% of my capacity compared to before the injury.

The other main thing that happened at work today was that it was much more tiring compared to previous weeks because the temperature and humidity was higher than previous days and weeks. Normally, working in temperatures of about 20c/68f then work is absolutely fine and I can work without feeling too tired, but today it was closer to 25c/77f and of course with English weather, the humidity rises quite a bit with every degree that the temperature rises. The main reason why the humidity gets so bad is because whenever the warm weather arrives it always comes from the south, so what happens is that we get the very dry African humidity and it can get so warm so fast.

In terms of video games and podcasts, I played a little bit more of Pokemon TCG, as a battle lasts on average about 10 minutes, which makes the game a good game to play for 2 or 3 battles and feel satisfied. Also, the fact that the game gives you a daily signing in bonus every day just for opening the game and logging in is a big incentive to keep playing. Also today, I have been listening to quite a bit of video game podcasts recently. I have been listening to Playstation Power mostly, as well as a new podcast called the Colecovisions Podcast. The Colecovisions Podcast is a podcast which covers a lot of aspects of Coleco as a company and the Colecovision console. I find the podcast quite interesting as I have never seen a Colecovision in the flesh but I have heard quite a few cool things about it. The podcast is very informative for people who are merely intrigued by the console and the console’s history.

Overall, today has been quite a positive day. I know things always start a bit iffy, but today I was firing on all cylinders and I feel like I accomplished quite a few good things. Work has been tiring and have been yawning quite a bit whilst writing it, which I never normally do but I have worked quite hard today.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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