04/07/2016 (Day 22: A Nice Return to Form and Musical Ideas)

So when I went to work today, I was quite nervous as I felt like something was going to go wrong as it has done pretty every work day since Tuesday. However, everything today went really smoothly and I feel like I am on a return to form compared to how much I have struggled in previous days and weeks. Even though I have been under a little bit of pressure to up my game, I went to work with a “Whatever happens, happens for a reason” attitude, which I think helped relieve some of that pressure. Also, my review I was meant to have today was pushed back to Wednesday, which gives me more chance to show what I can do.

One of only 2 downsides to today at work were that I realised that my musculoskeletal pains in my chests have not fully healed 100% yet. So what I decided to do was occasionally sit down and take a breather to try and let the pains go down somewhat and quite surprisingly to turned out to be decently effective. There wasn’t any point during the work day where the pains were completely gone, but at least I have been deal with and manage the effects of the pain relatively well.

But, it seems with my body at the moment, as one pain starts to heal and rectify itself something else decides to go wrong. As I was walking around at work like I normally do, doing all the tasks and roles that have been set out for me, my right knee decides to really start hurting. Now, in January of this year I have some major issues with my right knee, which would affect my walking in a major way. It wouldn’t be until February I would find out that I had sprained my right quadricep muscle. It took the muscle close to 2 months to be more manageable, however I think that the muscle may have never regained it’s full strength, which is why I sometimes get bouts of pain today to the point where I am limping and having to stop to try and rest it. The problem is if I stop to try and calm the pain down I struggle to get back moving, which is an awkward situation to be in as it is instinct to stop and rest during periods of pain, but this is an injury/situation where that works against me.

Apart from that, I have been listening to some remixes I made last year of some of my favourite video game music and I realised that I have a real knack of making unique versions of video game music. I used to take samples of the music and rearrange and relayer them to create a new version of the theme whilst maintaining the core harmonies and sections. I think doing some more of this could be a cool idea in terms of getting rid of the rust of my composing gears. I mean I have been working on new music, but only at intermittent situations of boredom and not with any real focus. The remixes could help me readapt to the composing software effectively, as well as relearn the art of mastering music.

Overall, today has been mostly a positive day apart from the injury problems that I keep running into. I think what I might do tomorrow is maybe wear a brace on my right knee to see if that helps, as long as the brace isn’t too tight on my knee, as I want it to be supported not suffocated. Also, tomorrow I will be returning to volunteering at the Hospital Radio station after some time away as I have had to deal with a few personal problems.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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