03/07/2016 (Day 21: The End of a Mixed Week)

This week has been the bearer of very mixed fortunes both in terms of work and at home. The main positive have been the fact that on Saturday, I finally managed to get my second video game review completed, which has received quite a few views and that makes me happy considering how long it takes me to write the reviews. The blog has been going quite nicely view wise as well. Unsurprisingly, the most successful blog post this week was the day that I went to A+E, which is quite funny as it received 3 times the views that the blog normally receives. Also, last Sunday there was a massive explosion in views of the previous blogs and I had a record 38 views in one evening, which completely blew my mind. The final positive this week was the fact that my live stream on Friday went extremely well as my follower count shot up to 179 and channel views close to 1100.

The main negatives of this week has been work and also being rushed to A+E. I have been struggling quite a bit at work in the last couple of weeks, which I think caused me a lot of stress and worry. Hopefully this week, I can rise back up and really show what I can do because I know there is still more to come from me at work. Also, being rushed to A+E on Thursday was really scary because when I started getting chest pains, my thoughts went were “Please let this not be a heart attack, please let me survive”. So when I was told it was musculoskeletal chest pains from straining the muscles, there was a huge amount of relief from me. Also, the cardiologist saying the chances of me getting a heart condition are very low is extremely reassuring.

In terms of today, I decided to start playing a game that I hadn’t played for over a year, which is Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (Pokemon TCG for short). Back in last summer, I played Pokemon TCG quite a lot and I found the game extremely enjoyable and some reason I have had the urge to return to it, but never had the motivation to actually reinstall the game and play it. When I did today, I relearned the mechanics of the game quickly and it was as if I had never been away from the game. I did make some rookie mistakes, but then again after quite a while away from the game, that is to be expected.

Overall, I really do hope this week goes much better than last week because I am not sure how I would be able to take another week of such mixed fortunes. I think my sole goal this week to get back in the game in terms of work and really show off what I can do, but most importantly not make any more mistakes. I won’t aim for perfection as I am of course only human, but I need to push as hard as I can without needing to go to A+E again.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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