02/07/2016 (Day 20: Finally Finished A Review and Fun)

So today was quite a lot of fun overall where I did quite a few different things. I started out the day by doing some more of the Super Mario World review. I managed to get another 1000 words completed by midday. After that I cooked myself some pasta for lunch. I am not sure why I find cooking pasta so relaxing but I just do. I think it is the feeling that I am actually cooking food for myself and the fact that I am gaining more experience in the kitchen gives me more confidence in myself to maybe cook more ambitious food. I have found recently when cooking the packet pastas that I have been trying to experimenting with different meats and different flavours and most of the combinations I have tried have been successful in terms of satisfying my ever changing food palette.

I also went down to the arcade with my family and my niece who was staying over for the weekend. We have machines in the UK where you put in 2p coins in a coin machine where a mechanism pushes the coins towards a large stack of coins. On top of these coins are a wide variety of different prizes you can win from lollipops to Minecraft figurines. I tried to win a couple of figurines but failed sadly, but I at least helped my niece to win some prizes.

Once I got back from the arcade, I was able to put the finishing touches to the review which ended up being close to 3000 words as half the review was an analysis of the different worlds and the variety of the difficulties between the worlds. I ended up not talking about the music as much compared to my first review as there wasn’t as much to really dissect. I felt the review ended up being pretty good overall and I am glad I could go to deep detail.

Overall, today went quite well and was fun. I finished the day by playing games with friends on my friend’s twitch stream and it was a barrel of laughs. There were some many funny answers in the game as well as some questionable answers but it was fun.

Have an awesome day and I will see you tomorrow.



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