01/07/2016 (Day 19: A Day Of Rest and Fun)

So following the doctor’s orders from yesterday, I took today off work so I could have chance to rest my injured muscles. I am quite relieved that I did because if I had had of gone to work, I could have made the injury potentially worse. I phoned work at about 8am to make sure that it was ok to have the day off and my boss said that it was fine, which was a relief I actually woke up later than I normally would by about an hour.

After I phoned work, I pretty much relaxed and laid in bed until lunchtime. I also played Emporia for quite a bit during the morning as a way to distract myself from the pain that I was still suffering from. Emporia can be considered a game that is quite similar to Clash of Clans, but Emporia is a much better game because the game has a lot more strategical elements compared to Clash of Clans. In Emporia, you can decide who and what to attack and when rather than the game giving you random options to attack. The game also explains whether you actually stand a chance of winning, whilst Clash of Clans doesn’t give the player anywhere near as much information. Overall, the main reason why I like Emporia more than Clash of Clans is the simple facts that the game explains the mechanics very well and gives the player more information.

During this afternoon, I decided to stream some Jackbox Party Pack on my Twitch channel. I was quite nervous at the game is well known for bringing in viewers who perhaps create a negative experience for the chat and the streamer known as trolls. I was able to make sure that the trolls didn’t affect the stream. The stream went very well because I had quite a few new viewers and overall had a very good time. I hit a new peak viewer number of 16 and gaining quite a few new followers. I think I will be streaming this more often as it allows me to play games with my viewers and my friends.

Overall, today went very well. The rest was much needed for my body because I was starting to feel quite fatigued and tired. The rest has allowed my injured muscles to heal, however, the muscles aren’t 100% healed but it may take another day or so for the pain to fully go away.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.



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