30/06/2016 (Day 18: Ended Up in A+E)

So work today ended up being quite an interesting day overall. This morning went fantastic and I got to lunchtime with absolutely no issues. Most importantly, during this period I was starting to get my confidence back and was regaining my efficiency, which since Tuesday was lacking a little bit. After lunch I started to have some pains in my chest, which initially I ignored as I tend to get some minor chest pains when I push hard at work. However, these chest pains started to get worse and worse to the point where it was affected me even walking and I had a feeling of my chest almost locking up. I eventually sat down to take a break hoping it would clear, but it didn’t and I ended up vomiting in the bathroom. It was at this point I spoke to my Team Leader and she recommended I go to A+E to get checked out.

On the way to A+E, the main continued to worsen even though I was walking much slower than I normally do. I knew that these chest pains weren’t the normal pains I normally get and something was seriously wrong. After having an ECG and speaking with a cardiologist, I was told I had Musculoskeletal Chest pain,  which is where the muscle tissue is damaged. In my case, it was where I had overused the muscle and worked them too hard. The cardiologist’s advice to take tomorrow of work to rest the muscles and make sure the damaged tissue has time to heal and repair itself. I think I am a bit relieved that it is not anything worse as the nurse asked me to have a ECG done I was scared that they would find a heart condition I wasn’t aware of, but in fact the cardiologist said the chances of me getting any heart conditions is extremely low. That piece of knowledge made the whole journey to A+E and having all the tests done on me worth it, as make me feel relieved.

So overall, today was interesting and I am relived that I have learnt some things about what I have inherited in terms of my body. I sadly haven’t played any games today as it was about 8pm once I got settled in for the evening.

Have an awesome day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow



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